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  Leisure Concepts are excited to annouce that we have partnered with Altitude Training Systems (ATS) - the global leaders in altitude training and research.

With ATS training systems currently in use by many sporting and fitness professionals to gain a competitive edge, we can now assist you with system's that you can use to set custom training program's for your athletes.

The systems that are available include mask systems, inflatable tents as well as simulated altitude facilities - download the brochure here and have a chat to us now to find out more information.



  Altitude Training Systems will create a point of difference for your fitness facility. By offering altitude training you will be giving your clients access to state of the art solutions that can assist with improved aerobic performance and oxygen utilisation, increased metabolic rate, calorie burn, all in a safe and time efficient environment.  

  Several public simulated altitude facilities in Australia are now proving they have the edge over other fitness providers by offering a unique training environment.  

  What is Altitude Training? 

Altitude training is physical training in a lower oxygen environment which leads to acute physiological stimulus.  Altitude training is used by many past and present elite athletes including - Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Lebron James, and leading sporting teams from many of the top sport's codes including Rugby League, Rugby Union and AFL.


Altitude training is suitable for use by anyone medically cleared to exercise and there is a growing body of evidence relating to its wellness benefits for issues including  cardiovascular and diabetes.


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