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FIRST DEGREE FITNESS offers a complete range of commercial grade rowers, rowing machines and upper body ergometers utilising fluid as the resistance mechanism.

First Degree Fitness was founded in 2000 with the primary goal of offering the commercial fitness industry a more optimised range of equipment that combined the best of low impact training methodologies with an elegant simplicity. Above all, it give users of all ages and body types the ability to enjoy a perfectly tailored workout, with whole body benefits and strong cardio and calorie burns. First Degree Fitness Fluid Rowers are the closest thing to the actual rowing experience so that alignment makes indoor rowing and training almost as much fun as the real thing. Rowing offers one of the best whole body workouts and the unique fluid system sustains participation and moves rowing from a secondary to a primary fitness option.

The First Degree Fitness range of commercial rowing machines provides unique resistance training that competitive rowers can train on, but that takes into consideration the requirements of gym and health club users with the development of leading-edge, fluid technology to allow variable resistance, giving fingertip control of resistance from "feather light" to "Olympic sprint".  This patented Fluid Technology is at the heart of every piece of First Degree Fitness equipment, delivering silky smooth resistance to the user's effort and instantaneous response to input with no "flat spots".  The range of variability is genuinely huge, and can satisfy the needs of all users from the smallest lightweights to elite heavyweight athletes.

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FDF Evolution E720 Cycle XT

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FDF Evolution E820 UBE

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FDF Evolution E920 UBE Adj. Arms

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Seated Upper Body Ergometer

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