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Whats your plan of ATTACK!!

When training for any type of fitness goal its important to have a plan, just like the old saying, without a plan you plan to fail!! 

The most important thing about having a plan is that you structure it in such a way that it allows your body time to recover! Recovery is where your body does most of its work and ensures you are getting the most out of every workout! Below is a weekly structure that will allow you to hit every body part and ensure you get everything out of each workout! 💪👊

Monday: International Chest Day (4-5 exercises, 8-12 reps x 4sets) Tuesday: Legs (4-5 exercises, 8-12 reps x 4sets, feel the burn!🔥) Wednesday: Back and Biceps  (6-7 exercises, 8-12 reps x 4sets)  Thursday: Shoulders and Triceps  (6-7 exercises, 8-12 reps x 4sets) Friday: Abs and Stretch (4 exercises, 20-30 reps x 4sets) 

Enjoy your weekend! 






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