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Momentum Fitness - BH, Eleiko and Solid Focus

Leisure Concepts recently installed a comprehensive selection of BH Fitness, Solid Focus and Eleiko equipment at a brand new facility in Warrnambool - Momentum Fitness

With over 1500 square metres of gym floor, separate Powerlifting room, cross training and four consulting rooms, Momentum Fitness is passionate about creating a fitness community that is inclusive, motivating and encouraging for everyone.  The facility is 100% locally owned and operated and takes pride in delivering the best gym experience possible in Victoria's South West.

Momentum Fitness turned to Leisure Concepts as the industry experts to assist with planning its equipment requirements and to optimise the use of the available floor space based on its business plan.  With the assistance of Darren from Leisure Concepts, Momentum chose BH Fitness plate and pin loaded strength equipment, a Solid Focus CrossFit Rig and Eleiko Powerlifting Competition bars and discs for its Powerlifting Club.

The facility offers group training classes, including: Boxing, Circuit, Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Massage, Older Population/Rehab as well as its Powerlifting Club

Scott Sudale, Owner - Momentum Fitness Warrnambool and South West Powerlifting Warrnambool says: 

"We started operating in November 2017 and have been dealing with Darren from Leisure Concepts for around eight months now.  During that time Darren has assisted me with my equipment list and selection. Leisure Concepts supplied flooring, Eleiko equipment, Solid Focus weight plates and BH Fitness equipment.

Victorian Rep Darren is our day to day contact with all of our enquiries and ideas which has been a great experience, as Darren is a former gym owner himself and can offer valuable suggestions from equipment selection to the actual layout of your facility.

The quality of the equipment is first class. I have asked every single customer how they've found the equipment and they all say it's the best they have used and I receive glowing reports daily on the quality which is what every gym owner loves to hear.  I now have a fully equipped gym and Powerlifting facility totally fitted out by Darren and Troy from Leisure Concepts and I am extremely happy with how it's turned out."

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