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Welcome to the Snap Fitness Franchisee Portal

Please browse this section of the Leisure Concepts website to see all of the products that have been approved for supply to the Snap Fitness group by Head Office. 

For most of the products that are approved there is special pricing available - you will see our regular price and the special pricing displayed.

To assist you with purchasing items that need replacing within your facility we have setup a $ 2000 credit limit for each franchise - as long as we have an item in stock and your account is up to date we will dispatch on the same day.

If you are setting up a new franchisee or considering modernising, the order templates below may assist you with selecting your product - these templates show you what the typical products are that would be purchased when either setting up a new club or alternatively modernising. Follow the link above also to learn more about some excellent finance packages that are available to assist with those modernising.

Click to see the new club template

Click to see the modernisation template

Tricep Rope Double

Tricep Rope Double

Cable Accessory

Quality chrome cable attachment double triceps rope for 5 stack multi station

$21.78 (inc GST)
Slam Ball 3kg (Red)

Slam Ball 3kg (Red)

Functional Training

Slam Balls are excellent for building strength in the torso and legs and for developing power, coordination while improving body conditioning. Comm...

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$33.28 (inc GST)

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