Torque 4 X 4 Foot Siege Storage Cable Rack - X1 Package

TORQUE FITNESS - Product code: XSSC-4-4-X1
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The freestanding 4 x 4 Foot Siege Storage Cable Rack - X1 Package combines classic lifting with functional fitness. One part half cage, one part weight storage, and two parts cable column, the list of exercises you can do with it are endless. Two cable columns are attached in place of an additional lifting station to ensure you have the versatility to create a dynamic workout. Each cable station features dual (1/2:1) swivel pulley cables and fully shrouded weight stacks. Torque’s innovative 4 x 4 foot half cage system with cable columns also comes with a multi-grip cross, bar supports, and bar catches as well as eight 11.5 inch-long, injection-molded, nylon-covered weight storage pegs for bumper or plate storage.

All X-SIEGE systems do not have to be bolted to the floor. Interested in equipment that facilitates large group fitness? Click here to check out the extended X1 Package, the 24 x 4 Siege Storage Cable Rack. Contact us to custom design your X-SIEGE system. We’ll help you build a piece of equipment that will fit your exact needs!

Available in 5 different colors: Storm Grey, High Wear Red, Blue, Orange, and Platinum.

Main Options / Substitutions

  • Ball Target
  • Pull-up Crosses
  • Dip/Step/Attachment Anchor
  • Upper Band Peg Attachment
  • Upright Color Options
  • Platform & Insert
  • Ground Rotational Trainer
  • Battle Rope Anchor
  • Endless Rope
  • Flying Pull-up Bar
To view all available customizations and addons, visit our X-RACK Options page.



FOOTPRINT 52.3" x 99.3" (132 cm x 252 cm)
HEIGHT Frame 107.1" (272 cm) Optional Ball Target 129.0" (328 cm)
MINIMUM RECOMMENDED LIVE AREA 96” x 207” (243 cm x 525 cm)
UPRIGHT COLOR OPTIONS and Platinum, Blue, High Wear Red, Orange, Storm Grey
WARRANTY 13 year frame and welds / 1 year parts / 90 days misc.

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