Atlantis Dynamic Functional Training Sys

Atlantis - Product code: NM-205
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$10,828.13 (inc GST)
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137cm distance between pulleys allows users to perform traditional crossover movements and a multitude of unilateral and bilateral pressing/pulling movements.  Each 181 kg stack starts with 9 kg plates for ultra-light starting resistance and provides up to 100 lbs of applied resistance.  4:1 pulley ratio allows for explosive movements.  Stability handles conveniently pivot into neutral position when not in use.  A cable length of 14.6 feet allows a greater distance in movement and a more dynamic and explosive workout.

Accessories include:

  • 2 X A-25 (Strap handle with welded ”D” ring)
  • 2 X A-23 (Nylon ankle strap with ”D” ring Velcro type)
  • A-7 (Revolving solid curl bar)
  • A-37 (NM-200/NM-205 Bilateral pressing bar)


  • Width 163cm
  • Height 229cm
  • Length 86cm
  • Weight 558kg
  • Weight Stack 2 x 181kg

Formerly NM-205

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