Atlantis Full-Body Workout Station (7 Stations)

ATLANTIS - Product code: S-700
Price On Application
$38,119.95 (inc GST)
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Versatile full-body workout station allows 7 people to exercise simultaneously.  Features single station, commercial quality components.  Pressing station accommodates flat, incline, and upright presses with B-177 adjustable bench (included), as well as shrugs and squats (squat pad adapters included).  Features an adjustable high/low pulley.

Comprised of Precision Series individual stations.


  • Width 325cm
  • Height 236cm
  • Length 351 cm
  • Weight 1134kg
  • Weight Stack 1 x 300 lbs; 1 x 205 lbs; 1 x 130 lbs; 1 x 235 lbs; 1 x 250 lbs and 1 x 400 lbs

Formerly S-700

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