Torque Barbell Set, Torque Urethane Pro-Style Straight Fixed - (10-30Kg In 5 Kg Increments)

TORQUE FITNESS - Product code: BTUPSSF-10-30KG-101
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$1,864.76 (inc GST)

Torque Fitness straight urethane round Pro-Style barbells are available from 10kg up to 30kg in 5kg increments. The urethane finish is extremely durable for repeated use and the diamond knurling is finished in hard chrome. Sold individually or in the following sets.

10kg - 30kg Urethane Barbell Set (BTUPSSF-10-30KG) contains:

  • (1) 10kg Barbell - BTUPSSF-10.0KG
  • (1) 15kg Barbell - BTUPSSF-15.0KG
  • (1) 20kg Barbell - BTUPSSF-20.0KG
  • (1) 25kg Barbell - BTUPSSF-25.0KG
  • (1) 30kg Barbell - BTUPSSF-25.0KG




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