Foam Roller - Soft Density - 18inch

Merrithew - Product code: ST-06203
$30.54 (inc GST)

Designed with portability in mind, our 18 inch soft density Foam Roller™ provides the benefits of rolling with a softer touch and works over time as a great prop for your workouts. This smaller version is perfect for rolling out limbs and isolated areas, providing a gentle message for those looking for lighter pressure over our standard 18" Foam Roller. 

Rolling rehydrates connective tissue, calming the nervous systems while relieving trigger points for improved circulation and reduced soreness. Great for warming up muscle groups before a lengthy run or workout, or for reducing muscle tightness after exercise. Use as a prop in your fitness routines by creating instability and proprioceptive challenge in standing or sitting work or use to stabilize the shoulders in arm work to improve your form. Lightweight and easy to clean, our soft density Foam Roller features rounded edges for comfort and a texturized non-slip surface for added stability and traction.

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