Torque Heavy Bag, Torque 100 Lb (45.4 Kg)

TORQUE FITNESS - Product code: HBT-100LB-45.4KG-102
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Torque’s new 100 lb (45.4 kg) Heavy Bag was built to be punished with a solid foam core, heavy duty vinyl cover, ballistic nylon straps that are quieter than chains while being just as durable, and three target zones to focus your blows on. This foam punching bag is built with the athlete in mind, as the foam keeps it from bunching up in places and provides the puncher with a smooth, consistent surface to strike.
  • Vinyl: Heavy duty commercial grade, non-expanded, polyester-coated 18 oz vinyl punching bag cover with zipper.
  • Foam: 6 LB Rebond foam construction with steel shot added to the core to ensure =/- 0.5 LB weight tolerance. Foam mold is made with 15-inch diameter center and 14.5-inch diameter on ends. Foam is placed in poly bag and vacuum drawn during assembly with vinyl to ensure tight vinyl fit. High-density outer foam provides a uniform striking surface and a smooth even bag that will never bulge. (Fiber filled bags can have varying density throughout and tend to bulge in places.)
  • Straps: Heavy duty boxing bag nylon anchoring straps with reinforced stitching to be used in place of chains. In contrast to chains, the nylon straps dissipate sound and vibration from anchoring frame.
  • Artwork: The HBT-100LB-45.4KG includes three target zones that improve an athletes accuracy and allows for combination drills.


SKU HBT-100LB-45.4KG-102
DIMENSIONS 48 x 15 x 15 in
COLOR Black with Orange Target Zones
MATERIAL 18 oz. UV stabilized mildew-resistant non-expanded coated polyester vinyl with zipper cover with solid foam core
LENGTH 48 in (121.9 cm)
DIAMETER 15 in (38 cm)
WARRANTY 90 days

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