Inspire Bicep/Tricep - Dual Weight Stack

INSPIRE - Product code: DMBT10
$4,383.94 (inc GST)

Bicep and Tricep Dual which is designed to allow the user multiple pulling angles with no adjustments needed.

  • Dual Weight Stacks – Allows iso-lateral usage with independent arms.
  • Bicep – Multiple seat angles works lower and upper area of the bicep from the lower pull points.
  • Tricep – Stand or sit to work the back of your arms from the upper pull points.
  • Swivel Pull Points – Smooth rotating swivel pulleys at all pull points using commercial bearing. Creates limitless angles for all users.
  • One Adjustment – Seven seat forward and aft positions. Allows multiple pull angles to work muscles in different ways.  Saves time and keeps it simple for users.
  • Single Adjustment Seat height - Saves time and keeps it simple for users.
  • Low Profile Frame Design – Looks great in the club with all Uprights at the same level.
  • Bold Usage Placards – Easy for club members to understand usage.
  • Simple Installation – Easily transported to install site in durable boxes. Easy to pass through any door.
  • Uses Standard Weight Plates – 2 x 115 lbs. (52 Kg) weight stacks. Same plates used in all other gyms from Inspire.
  • Full Commercial Warranty – Inspire’s world class warranty ensures these Dual Machines are great for any commercial or light commercial setting.

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