Inspire Crossrow 2.1 (Mag Resistance)

INSPIRE - Product code: CR2.1
$3,305.61 (inc GST)

Inspire Cross Row 2.1 - Total Body Workout in 10 Minutes - Work Front and Back - 2 Dimensional Rower, Why use a Rower and just do half a workout?

If absolutely torching calories in the shortest possible time sounds good, then the Inspire Cross Row machines are perfect for the job. With the dual direction resistance it is designed like no other cardio product and activates more muscles in the body than any other cardio fitness equipment. Inspire Fitness says "kick start your metabolic furnace".

Total body excursion, low impact and huge aerobic benefits the Cross Row is a 2 dimensional rower  Why ruse a standard rower and get half a workout. if spending less time working out while working the front and back of your body than the Inspire CR2.1 Cross Row is the 1. Have a burst of fat burning and a full body strengthening attack workout and you will be done while everyone else is still warming up.



  • Magnetic resistance provides a smooth, consistent resistance with no wearing parts
  • Bi-directional resistance activates all the muscles of the body
  • Polyurethane dipped handles provide superior slip resistance
  • Polar coded heart rate strap receiver (requires Polar T34 extended range chest strap)
  • Quick release bindings for safety
  • Shimano grip shifter
  • 26 lb. flywheel guarantees a smooth motion
  • Upper body handles offer multiple positions to vary the muscle involvement
  • Seat is fully adjustable to accommodate different sized users
  • Silent drive chain to minimize noise during exercise

Dimensions:  Length 67.0" x Width 40.8" x Height 40.4" 

Warranty:  (Residential) 3 year parts, 1 year labor, lifetime frame

Warranty: (Full Commercial) 1 year parts, 1 year labor, 10 years frame

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