Inspire Full Smith Cage System

INSPIRE - Product code: SMS1
$7,662.27 (inc GST)
Inspire Fitness Smith Cage System - Modular and Expandable - Power Rack - Smith Machine Option - Functional Trainer Pulley System 

The Inspire SCS System is a more traditional arrangement. This system is modular so it can be purchased in separate components.

You can purchase the Power Rack as a stand alone unit. The Inspire Power Rack is am extremely nice looking unit where you can load a weight bar on the front or the back of the rack.
There is a Smith Machine option that can be added to the Power Rack. This is a bar fixed to a vertical rail system with a swivel catch to hold the bar at different levels and acts as a safety. The Smith Option allows you to use free weights as a more traditional means of training.
Finally the pulley system and weight stacks can be added to offer a full functional trainer with selectorised height adjustment around the rack and smith. This expands the machine to an almost unlimited amount of exercises.





    SCS System Highlights:

    • Dual Weight Stack: This provides iso-lateral exercise capability.
    • Double Racking: The racking system holds the smith bar and allows a free weight bar to also be held simultaneously.
    • Adjustable High and Low Pulley System: This feature offers a large variety of functional and sport specific exercise options.
    • Chin Up / Pull up bar: This is adjustable in height to allow for low ceiling clearance or tall users.
    • Full System: Can incorporate the SCS bench where you can add a preacher curl pad and a leg extension attachment.

    Key Build Features:

    • The Frame: Heavy duty 2"x 4" oval and 3" round 11 gauge tube steel.
    • Powder Coated Finishing: Electrostatic Powder Coat offers a high sheen, durable and maintenance free finish.
    • Smith Option Bearing System:  Precision Steel Ball Bearings to provide a smooth action and maintenance free
    • Pulleys:  Fiberglass reinforced nylon
    • Pulley System Weight Stacks: 2 x 160 lb commercial weight stacks.Solid guide rods for minimal vibration and centre drilled weight plates for balance
      Included Accessories:  2 x D-handles, 2 x Multi Ring Long D-Handles and Pull up versatile strap
      Options Available:  Weight stack upgrade (extra 50 lb each side), Abdominal Bar, and 3 hole Lat Bar
    • Accessories:  Two pair of "D" handles one long and one short. Pull-up assist strap.
      Built Dimensions in cm: 190 Wide x 154 Depth x 204 High (Top beam low) - 220 High (Top beam high)  189 Depth with SCS Bench 

    • Product Warranty: The Inspire SCS System has a (Domestic Home) Lifetime Limited Warranty. There is a 10 year Light- Commercial Warranty.  

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