Torque Olympic Bar, 6 Foot Standard 32 Mm

TORQUE FITNESS - Product code: O6B-102
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Our standard 6 foot Olympic barbell is a great tool for squatting and bench pressing. The 32.0 mm diameter has light knurling to give you an expert grip during your functional strength training workout. The Olympic barbell is covered with hard chrome for long term durability and the sleeves rotate freely on bearings. Load Rating = 1500 lbs. Standard 6’ Olympic barbells carry a one-year warranty. Warranty is void if Olympic weight bar shows signs of abuse of being dropped, thrown, or bounced.


SKU O6B-102
DIMENSIONS 52.625 x x in
DIAMETER 32 mm (1.26 in)
OVERALL LENGTH 1837 mm (72.3125 in)
GRIP LENGTH 1337 mm (52.625 in)
FINISH Hard Chrome
LOAD RATING 1,500 lbs

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