The Secret to Weight Loss, Vol 2

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Take your weight loss and cardio fitness to the next level with this rejuvenating workout designed for beginner to intermediate audiences. Along with a pair of supportive walking shoes and Exercise Mat, this Cardio-Pilates routine will increase energy levels while helping you to reconnect with a positive body image.

WORKOUT LEVEL: Beginner (Level 2 of 5)
LANGUAGE TRACKS: English, French
REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Exercise Mat, supportive walking shoes

This DVD features the revolutionary Walking Pilates™ Calorie Burning Workout!

MERRITHEW™ Master Instructor Trainer, Moira Merrithew helps keep you focused on your goals and motivated to achieve them by reinforcing the all-important mind-body connection. Shape your body inside and out with low impact exercises that will leave you feeling good about yourself long after you’ve finished.

DVD Contents

  • 48 exercises
  • Workout Time - 57 min
  • DVD Length - 112 min
  • Closed captioning

WARM UP: 6 breathing and basic principle exercises to get your body ready for a calorie-burning workout

WALKING: 32-minute calorie-burning Walking Pilates™ segment.

PILATES EXERCISES: 20-minute STOTT PILATES® toning and firming exercises includes 19 different exercises

Bonus Features

  • Review the STOTT PILATES® Five Basic Principles
  • Bonus workout – try the next level
  • Work out with music only
  • Preview other video titles
  • Meet the instructors
  • Check out MERRITHEW™ equipment
  • Learn about instructor training

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