Total Body Sculpting

MERRITHEW - Product code: DV-84179
$27.63 (inc GST)

Sculpt your entire body with this Intermediate-level full-body workout from our Flex-Band® Series. Designed to improve functional fitness and challenge you with a variety of exercises that make use of the Flex-Band® and Exercise Mat. You will develop core abdominal muscles and back strength, as you simultaneously shape your arms and legs.

WORKOUT LEVEL: Intermediate (Level 3 of 5)
LANGUAGE TRACKS: English, French
REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Flex-Band® exerciser and Exercise Mat

Add vigor and variety to your workout with Total Body Sculpting. By balancing upper and lower body exercises, the added resistance of the Flex-Band® tones and sculpts your arms, legs, back and torso. Let Moira Merrithew take you through an invigorating routine that develops deep muscular strength, flexibility and endurance.

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