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Which Reformer is right for you ?

Choosing the best Pilates Reformer when there are so many compelling options can be challenging. Your practice, your clients—your potential clients and your home or studio size all need to be taken into consideration when making this critical purchase.

Merrithew Pilates reformers fall into 3 categories - for home, for Professional / Studio use and for Rehabilitation - the physical specs of each type of reformer is shown below.


Best-in-class STOTT PILATES reformers offer studio-quality workouts in the comfort of your home. Sleek, smooth, durable and engineered using the highest quality components Found around the world in Pilates Studios, fitness centres hotels and more, professional grade Pilates Reformers are versatile, adaptable and built to withstand a lifetime of use -

With all the power and versatility of our Pro reformers, Rehab Reformers offer the benefit of a higher carriage height for easy access for injured and mobility challenged clients  

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To talk with one of our experienced Sales team please call 1300 911 441 - we can then talk through your specific requirements and suggest what product will be most suitable for your requirements.

Pilates Reformer specs at-a-glance

  Series Carriage Length Carriage Width Carriage Height Height Weight
At Home Essential 98cm 56cm 25.4cm 52kg
MPX 98cm 56cm 25.4cm 52kg
Professional SPX Max 98cm 56cm 23cm 58kg
SPX Max Plus 98cm 56cm 23cm 174cm 74.4kg
V2 Max 98cm 61cm 40.6cm 65.8kg
V2 Max Plus 98cm 61cm 40.6cm 187cm 83.7kg
Rehab Rehab V2 Max 98cm 61cm 57.2cm 83.9kg
Rehab V2 Max Plus 98cm 61cm 57.2cm 203cm 102.7kg


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