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Fitness Playground - The Bunker - Atlantis

We invite you to descend beneath the city streets to enter a futuristic world of raw concrete, neon lights and brushed metal.

A place that challenges you to find another version of yourself, to change your training forever. Welcome to THE BUNKER. Powered by a sophisticated brass mesh core, the space offers a completely unparalleled offering. From our super-ergonomic Atlantis strength machines, our primal class allowing you to master the art of movement, or our trainers that faced a vigorous hiring process; we dare you to find a contender.

THE BUNKER is pushing the boundaries of what people expect from the gym environment and experience. It was born, because you wanted something more. Ready to train like an athlete?

The Bunker Gym is just one of our supplied clubs that is exceeding it’s expectations.

They chose Atlantis Strength equipment to give their members a world class and first-class experience.

Working with Atlantis, you can choose from one of the broadest and most unique ranges of strength equipment in the industry to create the perfect blend of equipment for you. Combine this extensiveness with our ability to customize many of our pieces to your specifications and you’ll soon see how Atlantis can help you stand out among your competitors

Some of the 20 pieces chosen for fit out have been customised with different frame colours/upholstery to suit the interior design of club.

The MSS0100 Standard 8 Stack comes with 3 Adjustable Pulleys, 1 Tricep Pulley, 2 Lat Pulldowns, 2 Low Rows, and 1 Chin-up Beam.  You can also create your own customised multi-station by choosing from 14 available options.  Each tower can accommodate 1 to 4 weight stacks and you can combine as many towers as you like.  You can also connect the MSS0100 to other Crossover Station.

Atlantis Plate-Loaded 40 Degree Leg Press

Sled travels on concave high-density nylon wheels and stainless steel rails (rather than traditional linear bearings and guide rods) for smoother operation. Racking mechanism disengages automatically when user starts exercise. Centralized weight loading shafts reduce required operating space substantially. Standard weight storage horns eliminate need for separate weight trees. Loads up to 1530 lb

To see more form this incredible facility visit https://thefitnessplayground.com.au/gyms/surry-hills/

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