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Reformer upgrades and expansion

There are a myriad of options when it comes to upgrades and expansion for the Merrithew range of reformers. Some of these upgrades are as follows.

High Precision Gear Bar upgrade

With 50% more gearbar positions (6 positions) than our traditional system, our new Precision Gearbar System offers superior ergonomic spring placement and adds superior adjustability to meet user needs. Spring slots provide secure anchoring of the springs with six different options for spring tension. To make adjustments, simply pull two spring-loaded pins and slide the entire mechanism forward or backward and lock the gearbar in place to any of the six stopper settings

Optional upgrade on all new professional Reformer purchases

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Add a Vertical Frame and Mat Converter

Adding a Vertical Frame and Mat Converter to your Reformer dramatically increases programming options—about 80% of Cadillac exercises can be done on one machine. You don’t need to increase your floor space to expand your programming

Pilates Reformer Vertical Frame


Mat Converter

With a Mat Converter in place, you can offer Matwork classes on the Rerformer at an accessible height for mobility-challenged and older clients

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 Reformer golf swing exercise

Vertical Frame

Travelling pulleys on the Vertical Frame offer multiple options for adjusting the angle of pull and spring placement. This multi-planar, biomechanics training tool provides an increased range of motion, making it the premier tool for sports-specific rehab and cross-training. You can attract new clients with sports-specific classes that can improve golf swings and overhand throws

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Reformer extension upgrades

Tall clients? Need a little extra length? An extension upgrade adds an additional 6 in to both the frame and the carriage on your Reformer. For additional support the extension also includes mid-rail legs. A great option for tall clients (6 ft 4 in+) or those with long torsos.

Simply order your Reformer and add an Extension Upgrade. If added to a Bundle, we will substitute the Extra Long Reformer Box with Footstrap in place of the regular Reformer Box

Reformer Extension Upgrade

 Reformer accessories

Pilates Reformer accessories

Never stop expanding programming or challenging clients! With diverse Reformer Accessories you can add variety to classes or address specific client issues more effectively.

You can move from programming options like rehabilitation of clients with limited range of motion with the Rotational Diskboard to the calorie-burning fun of cardio workouts with the Cardio-Tramp Rebounder. All our accessory boards slip easily into place and fasten securely so the rhythm of your sessions isn’t hindered

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