12.5Kg to 37.5Kg EZ barbells

HYPER FX - Product code: UBBEZ12.5-37.5V2
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$1,483.90 (inc GST)

Urethane coated fixed EZ barbells are the most durable on the market and perfect for any Fitness facility or GYM environment. The urethane coating is paramount in retaining the barbells aesthetics year after year and will never crack, peel, or chip like other rubber plates can. Urethane is also superior in helping protect floors and other adjacent strength equipment from impact caused by dropping the barbells.

  • Heavy duty Urethane coated Barbells.
  • Highly durable and resistant to rusting, chipping and flaking.
  • Urethane coating prevents scratching, marking or chipping of equipment, walls and floors.
  • 12.5kg, 17.5kg, 22.5kg, 27.5kg, 32.5kg and 37.5kg

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