HyperFX Black Series 8ft Half Rack

$3,628.90 (inc GST)
Introducing the Hyper FX Black 8 ft Half Rack, a heavy-duty and versatile piece of equipment for your strength training needs. This rack is designed to accommodate a wide range of exercises, including squats, press, deadlifts, and much more. The rack is constructed with heavy-duty steel and finished in a sleek black powder coat, making it both durable and stylish. The 8 foot height of the rack allows for an increased range of motion for those taller athletes and for exercises such as pull-ups. It also feature adjustable safety bars, which will give you the ability to customize the rack to your specific needs. The compact design of the rack is perfect for gyms with limited space, allowing you to maximize your workout area. The Hyper FX Black 8 ft Half Rack is perfect for both home and commercial gyms, providing a stable and safe platform for your strength training needs.

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