Light Arm Spring - yellow (pair)

MERRITHEW - Product code: ST-05125
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These Light Arm Springs are made exclusively for Merrithew™ Cadillac/Trapeze Tables, Reformer Vertical Frames and Wall Units. Each is nickel-plated and heat-treated to protect the base material of the spring. This ensures the quality and integrity of its tension throughout its life. Sold as a pair and includes 4 spring clips. 

Merrithew™ springs are built to withstand vigorous use in professional or commercial environments.  To maintain performance and warranty, springs require replacement every two years

Spring Resistance Details

Overall length of the spring is 19” with an initial tension of 2.717 lbs (load required to open the coils without extension)

Spring rate of 0.378 lb/inch (load required to extend spring every inch after the initial tension is applied)


  • Length  48.2cm
  • Coil Diameter    28mm

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