Reformer Spring 25% (white)

MERRITHEW - Product code: ST-05054
$160.31 (inc GST)

The 25% Reformer spring may be purchased individually to replace a 100% spring for Reformers with traditional spring configurations. The lighter resistance is often preferred for arm or rehab exercises. When combined with a 50% spring, it also offers an option for resistance between the 50% and 100% settings. Sold individually or included in the High Precision Spring Package.

Upgrading your springs, but don't have a Spring Holder? If so, a Spring Holder Updater Kit is required.

NOTE:  This product is for use with Merrithew™ brand equipment only.  Please note this is the old style, if you require the new style please call 1300 911 441.

  • Merrithew™ recommends that you replace the springs on your Reformer every two years to ensure maximum performance and safety of your equipment at all times.
  • Merrithew™ springs are custom crafted using the finest quality music wire, our springs are pre-heated for stress relief and then nickel plated with a hydrogen embrittlement process to increase spring life.
  • Feature a newly designed free flowing Spring connection.
  • Innovative spring ball attachment and new fastening system for easy installation
  • Springs are securely held in place with no exposed hooks
  • Length 49.5cm
  • Coil Diameter 4cm

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