Rehab V2 Max Plus Reformer (B)

MERRITHEW - Product code: ST-01085
$16,574.70 (inc GST)

With its higher carriage, the Rehab V2 Max™ Plus Reformer is ideal for physiotherapy clinics and facilities catering for senior or mobility-challenged clients. Rehab V2 Max Plus Reformers come equipped with a High-Precision Spring Package, offering a full range of resistance for clients in various stages of rehabilitation. The addition of the Vertical Frame with an adjustable pulley system offers variable angles of resistance, allowing for precise targeting of muscle groups.


  • Vertical frame equipped with 2 push-thru springs, 2 roll-down springs with maple roll-down bar, 2 arm springs with foam grip handles, 2 leg springs with padded long spine straps, 2 extension straps, 2 travelling spring hooks, 2 travelling pulleys and a safety chain.
  • Mat Converter
  • Reformer Box with footstrap
  • Padded Platform Extender
  • Maple Roll-Up Pole
  • High-Traction Reformer Feet with Wheels
  • High Precision Spring Package – 5 Reformer Springs (3x100%, 1x50%, 1 x 25%)
  • Neoprene spring covers
  • Soft Reformer loops
  • Patented Retractable Rope System
  • Easy-roll wheels on both ends of the Reformer
  • 60 day access to digital workouts on Merrithew Connect

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  • 3 gearbar positions, 6 carriage stopping positions, 3 headrest positions, 4 footbar positions
  • Adjustable four-position footbar
  • Detachable shoulder rests
  • Comfort Footbar is easier on sensitive feet and hands
Reformer Dimensions  
Width 76.2 cm
Length 2.46 m
Weight 83.9 kg
Carriage Dimensions  
Width 61cm
Length 98cm
Weight 83.9kg
Vertical Frame Dimensions  
Width 77.5 cm
Length 2.02 m (installed)
Weight 18.2 kg
Weight capacity 115 kg


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