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Inspire is a division of Health In Motion LLC.

Health In Motion has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing fitness equipment for over 30 years.

Health In Motion was founded by Ted Habing, Jeff Laborde, and Fred Hoag (formally of Pacific Fitness and Precor).

Inspire manufactures award winning functional trainers, free weight equipment and cardio products.

The full range of Inspire products is available from Leisure Concepts - these include Functional trainers, home gyms, pin loaded pieces as well as the full Inspire cardio line of spin bikes, rowers and steppers. To download the latest catalog which provides detailed product information across the range please click on the image below.

To view the full Inspire range on this website please follow this link

To support the Inspire range of products there are a suite of product videos on the Inspire Fitness you tube channel. These videos not only explain all of the unique features of the Inspire products but they also show many of the exercise options that each item of equipment can offer your clients.

To support your clients who have purchased Functional Trainers and Home Gyms the Inspire fitness app is an excellent tool - available from both the App Store and Google Play the app will guide your client through full workouts, specific body part workouts or


When Inspire develops a product they focus on four main areas:


  • Providing the consumer with world class product
  • Fixed and free movement press arms
  • Exercise Specific Pull Points
  • Orthopedic Pads and Fabric Shrouds
  • Patented Cardio Designs which focus on proper biomechanics of the user
  • All examples of the Innovation we put into our products


  • Quality is always a focus for Inspire
  • 11 gauge steel
  • Cables with 2000lb tensile strength
  • Nylon pulleys with fibre glass reinforcement
  • Solid guide rods
  • Fixed weight plate bushings
  • Centre drilled weight stacks
  • Excellent fit and finish, with materials that feel great to the user.
  • All examples of the extra Quality we put into our products


  • Products that fit your body
  • Inspire designs their Multi-Gyms and cardio products to fit all of the curves and bends in the human body


  • Aesthetics are very important when designing a Multi-Gym, or a cardio product
  • Inspire wants their Multi-Gym and cardio products to look great in your home
  • To insure this Inspire uses a high gloss powder coat paint, and engineer designed plastics on all products
  • Decorative and functional top beams, unique designs that invite the user
  • Four color choices in their Orthopedic Pads and Fabric Shrouds
  • All examples of how much Inspire cares about how our product looks in your home



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