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Intenza fitness is the premium equipment division of the Healthstream group. With an extensive heritage in the design and manufacture of cardio equipment, for over 20 years the group has been producing equipment for many of the world’s leading fitness equipment brands. With a manufacturing facility that leverages clean energy, a combination of 2000 solar panels, water conservation and climate control means that all Intenza products are produced to an exacting standard with a very low carbon footprint.

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First Class Engineering

Intenza has found the perfect balance between human ingenuity and robotic precision, which delivers top quality products time after time. By achieving new levels of quality control, part traceability and assembly processes, Intenza has made a mark on the fitness industry's standards of manufacturing.

Each part of every machine is made to zero tolerance guidelines, and double checked to make sure it fits and functions as it should. Not only the parts themselves are tested; before leaving then factory, each machine is fully assembled and tested with its console, to make sure customers receive premium products and to minimise out of the box issues.

Award Winning Design

Intenza Fitness cardio equipment perfects the balance between artistry and engineering. Their award winning designs are inspired by powerful luxury vehicles.

While brilliant touchscreen displays and gleaming aluminium surfaces grace the exterior, robust steel frameworks and motors provide the reliability and stability customers look for in a quality machine. This range is engineered to give users a superior sense of confidence during their workouts.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Creating a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process is core to Intenza's values. The factory, which was built specifically for the production of fitness equipment, is run entirely on solar panels. These generate more energy than is required for their manufacturing processes, allowing them to share the power with neighbouring businesses.

Water used during production is cleaned and fed back in to the ecosystem, sustainably maintaining the nature reserve next to which the Intenza factory is located. The entire production line is kept cool by automated venting windows, rather than industrial air conditioning units. Every step of the process was considered and designed to create the smallest possible carbon footprint, an achievement which is unique within the fitness industry.


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