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Compass - Asset Management and Member Activation


COMPASS® helps you get the very best from your TRUE equipment. Our upgraded software benefits you, your trainers and your users. It’s now easier than ever for everyone to reach their goals with COMPASS’s premium networked fitness solutions, experience, and engagement.

Only available on TRUE’s premium ENVISION console, COMPASS® brings out the potential of not only your equipment but also your facility. See what COMPASS® can do for you.

View a downloadable product spec sheet with more detailed information by clicking here

Facility Solutions

Facility owners and operators have the power to visualize all connected equipment in real time, evaluating utilization patterns, programming, messaging and all error or preventative maintenance codes by unit and facility with state-of-the-art Asset Management.

  • Asset Management data stored
  • Integrated dashboard map
  • Manage multiple facility locations
  • Customized reports
  • Custom information search options
  • Issue notification center alerts
  • Customize equipment names/locations
  • Monitor product performance & health
  • Maintenance task alerts
  • Service messaging to staff & employees
  • Customer equipment preferences and usage pattern reports
  • Ability to push out promotions, messages, contests & more from one login

Member Solutions

The COMPASS® console, dashboard, and online site work together to deliver a complete and connected fitness experience for your members by providing them with both the tools and data to help them reach their fitness goals.

  • Workout data stored in the cloud
  • Unique data dashboard
  • Complete user workout history
  • Interactive calendar to review individual workouts
  • Set Goals page
  • Achievements, badges and personal best notifications
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Sync workout data to 3rd party applications

Trainer Engagement

Helps trainers engage with members, providing tools and technology to aid in helping members reach their fitness goals and retain membership.

  • Upload custom workouts
  • Create contests & challenges
  • Leaderboard & class integration
  • External device control
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