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How to Drink alcohol and still lose weight?

Empty calories from alcohol can add up fast; a happy hour with friends or a boozy brunch can easily tack on a few hundred liquid calories if you're not careful. And while alcohol itself has extra calories with no nutritional benefit, the other culprits, such as mixers, fancy cocktails, and full-bodied beers, are all packed with more than a day's worth of sugar and lots of empty carbs. 

Having a glass of wine a few times a week shouldn't be a problem, but if you have two or three glasses each night, those calories can make a big difference in your weight loss efforts; since everyone has unique calorie needs, this number will vary from person to person. The biggest culprit are fancy cocktails since they can have up to 500 calories a pop; even traditional cocktails like white Russians and margaritas can be made with tons of sugar syrups or heavy cream. Some craft beer, which can be high in alcohol per serving, can also contain hundreds of calories.

Having one high-calorie drink on the weekend will not destroy all of your weight-loss efforts, and you shouldn't feel guilty or off-track if you choose to drink one. But be mindful when it comes to alcohol consumption, it's vital to keep track of what you are drinking and how many you are having. Avoid cocktails and high-calorie drinks and stick to light and dark liquor with low calorie mixers.   

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