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Balanced Movement

Looking for an amazing Pilates Studio in South Australia? Try our customers Balanced Movement


My vision for Balanced Movement was to create a calming space where people look forward to visiting. A space for people to feel empowered, physically and mentally. A space for people to reach their goals and develop their overall strength + wellness. And most importantly, a space to deliver a quality service with less clinical feels, and more COMMUNITY VIBES!

This vision came to life Jan 2020 and grew in Nov when we got our hands on our beautiful reformers.

From our little children, through to our adults, the world we live in is naturally evolving into a more sedentary, busy place to live. Our  goal, is to help people move better with purpose, and find stillness in this crazy, fast paced society we live in.


We specialise in group reformer & mat Pilates classes, focusing on full body movement to help our clients activate, strengthen, align, lengthen and tone.

Our goal is to help you improve in each and every class you attend. Every class has limited spaces meaning we have a small and intimate group, enabling our teachers to give you the attention and personal focus needed for you to reach your goals.

All classes are open level. Our skilled team offer options for all levels of experience and ability and will cater to each individuals needs on the day.

At Balanced Movement we passionately believe Pilates is for everybody. We aim to empower you to move better, feel better in your every day life and cultivate an environment of self-love and appreciation for our bodies ability to move!


9 Barwell Avenue,
Barmera SA, 5345

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