Torque 4 X 4 Foot Storage Cable Rack - X1 Package

TORQUE FITNESS - Product code: XRSC-4-4-X1
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The 4 x 4 foot Storage Cable X-RACK – X1 Package is a space-efficient single station lifting rack with two cable columns, ball target, weight storage, and a ground rotational trainer. The XCCS cable columns each have double swivel pulleys to accommodate full-body movements for two athletes or to serve as a dual adjustable pulley station for one athlete. This piece of 4 x 4 cable gym equipment with weight storage is perfect for individuals looking for a functional, innovative workout. 

Included in X1 Package:

  • Olympic Lifting Station
  • Ball Target
  • Ground Rotational Trainer
  • Double Play - Bar Storage and Battle Rope Anchor
  • 8 Nylon Covered Weight Storage Pegs
  • 2 XCCS Cable Component Stations

X-RACKs can be customized to meet your needs with various pull-up, training station and storage options. Visit the X-RACK Options page for more options and contact us for any custom requests.

*The X-RACK is required to be secured to the floor.


FOOTPRINT 76.2” x 53.5” (193 cm x 136 cm)
HEIGHT Frame: 107.1” (272 cm) Ball Target: 126.7” (322 cm)
MINIMUM RECOMMENDED LIVE AREA 16.5’ x 9.0’ (5.0 m x 2.7 m)
WARRANTY 10 year frame and welds/1 year parts/90 days misc.

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