Complete Studio package - SPX Max Plus

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$73,284.96 (inc GST)

The Complete Studio Package – SPX Max Plus gives you everything you need to get your Pilates business up and running in no time. Adding a designated Pilates space increases revenue opportunities and allows you to offer private, semi-private, and group classes, all without having to share space with other programs.

Add a Vertical Frame and Mat Converter to an SPX® Max and you have the ability to perform 80% of Cadillac exercises on just one machine. Travelling pulleys on the Vertical Frame offer multiple options for adjusting the angle of pull and spring placement. Remove the Vertical Frame and stack these Reformers if you require the space to be used for other classes.


  • 1 Cadillac
  • 4 SPX Max Plus Reformer Bundles
  • 2 Split-Pedal Stability Chairs™ with Handles
  • 1 Ladder Barrel
  • 1 Spine Corrector
  • 4 Arc Barrels
  • 4 Jumpboards
  • 4 Cross-Bows™
  • 4 CardioTramp® Rebounders
  • 4 Vinyasa Triangle™ - 22"
  • 1 Rotational Diskboard™ - 22"
  • 1 Rotational Disk 12" Mounting Pair

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