Torque Hardware Cover Finish Kit - 18 Bolt Holes

TORQUE FITNESS - Product code: XHCFK-18BH-101
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Protect your functional accessories and give your X-CREATE a polished look with a Hardware Cover Kit. Each kit consists of 18 Nut Covers & 18 Socket Head Bolt Covers for a total of 36 pieces.

The Nut Caps serve as a washer replacement and hide exposed bolt threads, protecting accessories from damage. The Socket Head Cap Screw Covers replace washers and upgrade the aesthetics of your system, giving the X-CREATE a more refined look.

  • (36) pieces total in each kit
    • (18) Nut Caps
    • (18) Socket Head Cap Screw Covers
  • The kit quantity is enough to replace washers in one single upright or one 4-foot or 6-foot Monkey Bar Section.
  • The covers will not work with certain modules and attachments.
  • Compatible with X-CREATE Uprights & Bridges, X-LAB, X-RACK, X-SIEGE, X-CAGE, Arsenal, and Armament.


COMPATIBILITY X-Create, X-Lab, X-Rack, X-Siege, X-Cage, Arsenal, Armament.

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