Torque Kettlebell, Torque Cast Iron - 24 Kg/52.9 Lb

TORQUE FITNESS - Product code: KBTC-24KG/53LB-102
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Upgrade your facility’s strength offerings with Torque’s versatile cast iron kettlebell collection. Designed to deliver results, kettlebells are perfect for a class setting or use by an individual. Perform a variety of movements to target a range of muscle groups or stick to the classic swing – these kettlebells can do it all. Labeled both in pounds and kilograms, as well as color coded to ensure ease of selection for any workout. Sold individually.

Weight   -    Color:

  • 4KG/9LB - White
  • 6KG/13LB - Grey
  • 8KG/18LB - Pink
  • 12KG/26LB - Blue
  • 16KG/35LB - Yellow
  • 20KG/44LB - Purple
  • 24KG/53LB - Green
  • 28KG/62LB - Orange
  • 32KG/70LB - Red
  • 36KG/80LB – Grey
  • 40KG/88LB - White


SKU KBTC-24KG/53LB-102
WEIGHT 8.9993 lb
AVAILABLE WEIGHTS 4KG/9LB, 8KG/18LB, 12KG/26LB, 16KG/35LB, 20KG/44LB, 24KG/53LB, 28KG/62LB, 32KG/70LB, 36KG/80LB, 40KG/88LB
WARRANTY 90 days Materials and Workmanship

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