Spirit Fitness CB900 Group Cycle

SPIRIT FITNESS - Product code: CB900
$2,516.75 (inc GST)
Product Description

The Spirit Fitness CB900 expounds on three critical areas – durability, comfort and performance. It is a perfect addition to a club, corporate fitness/recreation center, school or hotel because it’s stout design will withstand hours of consistent use.

The commercial CB900 Indoor Cycle delivers professional comfort and performance. The industrial-grade Hutchinson PK Poly-V belt, three-piece crank and needle bearings that encompass the pedals and flywheel axle work together to create the perfect formula for high performance and durability. Made from high-strength, heavy-gauge steel with zinc undercoating, the bike is solid and features a double powder-coat paint finish to prevent sweat corrosion.

The professional Velo® racing saddle incorporates shock absorption, flexibility, lightness, cooling effects and ergonomics for the most comfortable seating. Opt for SPD or toe cage pedals and adjust resistance with ease via the rotary knob.


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