Torque Torpedo Bag, Torque - 10 Kg

TORQUE FITNESS - Product code: TBT-10KG
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Torque's Torpedo Bags, also referred to as Combat Bags or Fitness Sand Bags, are a challenging alternative to traditional strength training products, allowing you to train for balance, plyometrics, rotational movements, and Olympic lifts. Each combat bag has Imperial and Metric markings that show the pound and kilogram weight of each bag. The bags feature 2 nylon straps on the sides and 2 nylon straps on the main body, these allow for a variety of movements.

Our Torpedo Bags use the same compression molded foam technology featured in our TriplePlyo and PlyoStack. Unique to these bags is the non-shifting feature which allows the bags to be identically sized and perfectly weighted but still available in different weight options while being surrounded by foam.

Torpedo Bags are available in the following weights:

  • 5 KG
  • 10 KG
  • 15 KG
  • 20 KG



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