Torque X-Create 2-Module 13 Ft X-Select Bridge – X1 Pkg (Platinum 2)

TORQUE FITNESS - Product code: XCXSB-2M-13-X1-05
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2-Module X-Select Bridge - X1 Package has two Light Cable Components, a Lat Pulldown Module & a Seated Row Machine. This station enhances various workout varieties and increases training functionality with a bridge system. Cable components are situated under the bridge system with Pulldown & Seated Row functions positioned externally.

Included Modules:

  • (2) Light Cable Component Modules
  • (1) Lat Pulldown Module
  • (1) Seated Row Module

*X-Create systems are required to be bolted to a concrete sub-floor.


SKU XCXSB-2M-13-X1-05
OUTSIDE BRIDGE FOOTPRINT 259.4” x 54.3” (659 cm x 138 cm)
INSIDE BRIDGE FOOTPRINT 80.3” x 54.3” (204 cm x 138 cm)
HEIGHT Frame 101.8” (259 cm)
MINIMUM REQUIRED LIVE AREA 11.5’ x 25.6’ (3.5 m x 6.6 m)
WARRANTY 10 year frame and welds/1 year parts/90 days misc.

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