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How to Stay Motivated during Winter!

It's hard to stay motivated to train all year round, especially when you struggle to see any changes in the mirror. The secret to staying fit and healthy is to not think of it as a destination, rather a journey that you will constantly change and tweak to suit your lifestyle and interests. 

Here are some tricks and tips that may help you stay on track!

1. Set Small Goals

Set a goal for yourself that you want to accomplish. Make sure it's a reasonable goal though. Not something like "I want to increase my lifts by 15kgs in 3 days." Something like "Increase my lifts in one exercise per body part." If you want the goal bad enough, you will stay motivated.

2. Remember Nutrition is Key

When you lift, you are literally tearing your muscle fibres and it isn’t until after your gym session that they begin rebuilding themselves. When fueling your body you want to make sure you are putting in good, quality ingredients that will leave your body energised and refreshed, not dragging. Eat a high protein diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lean meats and leave the refined sugary carbs sitting in the box where they belong.

3. Get a Coach

Nothing says “I’m in this to win this” like hiring your own personal coach. Whether it be a cheering squad in the weight room or a detailed workout and diet plan you’re looking for, a trainer can hold you accountable and get you where you need to be. A coach will not only encourage you through your workouts but will look for your weak spots and design workout sessions aimed at strengthening them. It’s a lot harder to blow off a workout session when you know there is going to be someone there waiting for you to show up.


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