Inspire Smith Option (New Version)

INSPIRE - Product code: SCS1-02
$971.94 (inc GST)

Inspire Fitness Power Rack Smith Option - Turn your Power Rack into a Smith Machine

The Inspire SCS Smith Option is designed to be attached to the Inspire Power Rack. This will convert a Power Rack in to a fully fledged Smith Machine. The rack can also accommodate a free bar bar at the same time so being more versatile than be being just a straight Smith rack. Using steel ball bearings in the slider system the Power Rack Smith Machine combo is smooth as silk. You can also add the functional trainer pulley system to this rack to make a complete traditional meets the modern day training system.

The Inspire Smith Option can be attached to the front or back of the Inspire Power Rack

Key Build Features:


  • The Frame: Heavy duty 2"x 4" oval and 3" round 11 gauge tube steel.
  • Powder Coated Finishing: Electrostatic Powder Coat offers a high sheen, durable and maintenance free finish.
  • Multiple Height Racking Options: Easy storage at multiple heights also acts as safety mechanism.
  • Chin Up Bar Handles: Build the Lats.


  • Smith Option Bearing System:  Precision Steel Ball Bearings to provide a smooth action and maintenance free.

Product Warranty: The Inspire SCS System has a (Domestic Home) Lifetime Limited Warranty. There is a 10 year Light- Commercial Warranty.  

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